Purchase Process

Welcome to Gdansk 2020

Official Hospitality

How to purchase

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Choose your packages

To see the different options available, click on the “Choose your packages” link.


Pay directly by credit card

Payment occurs online using 3D-Secure. First a reservation is made on your credit card. Once your request to purchase is accepted, the payment is executed on your credit card.


Pay by bank transfer (ten days)

We will provide you with our bank account details once we accept your request to purchase.


Receive confirmation from UEFA

We will review your request to purchase and will send you a confirmation by email usually within two business days.


Provide the name of your guests attending the match

The final list of guests must be provided to UEFA no later than seven days before the match.

March 2020

Apply for parking passes

An email will be sent to you enabling you to apply for parking passes. Parking passes are upon request and subject to availability. We will prioritise the largest orders in terms of number of people.

Before mid-May 2020

Receive your packages and parking passes

An email will be sent to you from our courier company with the tracking number.

The 2020 UEFA Europa League final date will be announced in due course.

Attend the 2020 UEFA Europa League final

Where to purchase

For all countries the Official Hospitality packages for the 2020 UEFA Europa League final are sold exclusively by UEFA Events SA.


UEFA Events SA
Route de Genève 46
CH-1260 Nyon