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General questions

  • + What is Official Hospitality?

    Official Hospitality is the combination of a match ticket and a catering service.
    Official Hospitality packages are available on a first-come-first-served basis and can be purchased by companies or individuals.

  • + What is a business seat or what is a Gold product?

    It is a package that combines a category 1 seat in the tribune with access to a shared lounge.
    In the lounge, dinner and beverages are served to the client and their guests.
    The lounge does not necessarily have a pitch view and can be located either in the stadium or in a village.
    The village can be within or outside of the stadium’s perimeter.

  • + What I am allowed to do with an Hospitality package?

    The packages can be used to invite guests (e.g. relative, close friend, employee, colleague, business client, etc.) to see the match with you.
    You and your guests are not permitted to resell the packages, to combine them with other products or services, to use them for marketing purposes or to use them as part of a lottery or prize for a competition.

  • + Do you also provide travel and accommodation services?

    No, UEFA does not provide such services.

  • + I am accompanying the group of an Official Hospitality client, can I get an accreditation/working pass?

    No, we do not provide accreditations/working-pass for this purpose.
    You will need to use one of the purchased packages for such purpose.

  • + Do I need to provide the details of my guests?

    Yes, details of your guests are required by UEFA, at the latest 7 days before the match. Failure to provide your guests details may result in the cancellation of your order.
    Please be aware that UEFA may require a provisional list of guests at any time.

    Once your order is confirmed, you will be able to enter the names of your guests in your order details on our client portal.

Purchase process




  • + Can I choose my seat?

    No, seats are assigned by UEFA.

  • + What does "free seating" mean?

    “Free seating” means that you and your guests will not have a reserved dedicated table inside the Official Hospitality area for the dinner.

    This does not apply to the seats inside the stadium for watching the match. A specific seat will be allocated to you.

  • + Will all my guests be seated together in the stadium?

    Yes, except in some exceptional cases for late orders. However, be aware that “together” does not necessarily mean on the same row. Orders can be split across different rows with seats above each other.

    Clients placing separate orders should write to hospitality@uefa.ch and specify if they wish to have different orders seated together.

    Please note that UEFA cannot guarantee that different orders will be seated together and can only attempt to seat different orders together if the packages have not already been prepared for shipment.

  • + What can I do if one of my guests is in wheelchair?

    Please inform us as soon as possible and no later than 1 month before the match, by emailing us at hospitality@uefa.ch.

    For Silver and Gold packages, wheelchairs users will be able to enjoy hospitality in the lounge with your other guests and to see the match from the stadium area which is dedicated to wheelchair users with one of your guests as his/her companion.

  • + One of my friends also ordered Official Hospitality packages, can we be seated together inside the stadium?

    UEFA cannot guarantee that different orders will be seated together and can only attempt to seat different orders together if the packages have not already been prepared for shipment.
    UEFA will, however, attempt to seat different orders together if:
    – you both ordered the same product;
    – you communicate such request before your packages are prepared for shipment to hospitality@uefa.ch (please cc your friend, so we know they agree to it).


  • + When will I receive my Official Hospitality package?

    Official Hospitality packages will be distributed to the address stated on the application, generally no later than 2 weeks prior to the match.

    UEFA reserves the right to request an on-site collection near the vicinity of the stadium at which the match takes place rather than shipping of packages. In such cases, you will be contacted to arrange an on-site collection.

  • + Will I receive a tracking number to follow my shipment?

    Yes, an email with the tracking number will be sent to you from our shipment company.

  • + What are the shipment costs?

    The package price includes distribution costs. Therefore, no additional costs shall be charged for shipping.

  • + Can I have my packages shipped to my hotel?

    Yes, provided this information is communicated to us before your packages are ready to be shipped to you.  Modifications cannot be made after the packages are ready for shipment.  However, please note packages will be shipped from April 2019 onwards (and prepared approximately 2 weeks before) and shipment cannot be delayed depending on your hotel arrival date.

    Please note that UEFA shall not be liable  should the hotel lose your packages after delivery.

  • + Can I collect my packages at UEFA's offices in Switzerland?

    No, the packages are not stored at UEFA and it is therefore not possible to collect packages from the UEFA offices in Switzerland.

Parking passes

Hospitality area

Entry to the stadium


  • + When does the service start?

    The hospitality facilities open 3 hours before kick off and the service starts as soon as your guests arrive. There is no need to confirm your schedule to UEFA in advance.